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We’re almost halfway there – Thank You!

Appeal Target:                         £40,000
Appeal Total Jan 2021:           £16,782

New resources for 2021

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Timothy Richard Appeal has been extended until July 2021 with some new resources for churches.

Please consider using any of the resources below to host a special Sunday focus – online or ‘in-person’.

A ‘Sunday Service’ by Rev Peter M Thomas

  • Peter has kindly prepared a full order of service and meditation which includes readings, prayers, reflections, hymns and a PowerPoint presentation.
  • This could be used or adapted for all or part for an online service.
  • Encourage those who are unable to join online services by printing and sharing a copy to be read at home.

Download the Sunday Service here: 

Download the PowerPoint here: 

New Videos

Video 1: What does the church do in a time of crisis? 

In February 2021 BUW Ministers had the opportunity to talk with Nabil Costa, General Secretary Association of Evangelical School in Lebanon (AESL) and his colleague Wissam, who attended an online meeting of BUW Ministers in February 2021.

Nabil recently wrote:  “During the last year, Lebanon faced a trifecta of calamities: The mass uprisings, the Coronavirus pandemic, and the explosion at the port of Beirut on August 4th, 2020. These came on the heels of a decade of extreme humanitarian turmoil and were defined by an ever worsening economic, financial and social crisis throughout. In response to the year’s various crises, each of our ministries jumped in headfirst to provide relief to the surrounding community hand in hand with the local church. Everyone pitched in, teaming up with one another to make sure that all bases were covered.”

Video 2: How are the Baptist churches responding to the crisis in Lebanon?

A 5 min video showing the incredible work being done by Lebanese Baptist churches. This video was shown at the European Baptist Federation Council 2020.

Video 3: Thank you from Dr Kang San Tan

A short video from Dr Kang San Tan, General Director of BMS World Mission to say thank you for all the gifts that have been received.

Video 4: ‘Hope for Refugee Children’

The Timothy Richard Appeal video reminding us who was Timothy Richard and how we can help BMS work in Syria among child refugees.

Further Resources

Further resources are also available on the BMS Appeal page.

How can I give?

We understand that it will be difficult to hold collections for the appeal but please consider making the following options available to those who would like to give.